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Designer Grade With Jill Duzan

Jophiel’s Designer Grade series is delighted to introduce you to Jill Duzan. Reaching from coast to coast, Jill Duzan’s namesake speaks to the appreciation of antiquity with an artful appeal to endure in this modern world.  

As she says, “Mixing materials, textures, and styles from many cultures and tribes to create an artful, modern Jill Duzan style is not trendy, but reflective and respectful of the ancient cultures and where they come from. I think this tells a story and honors what it is, which is timeless.”

Jill Duzan Jewelry Style News Jophiel

For Jill, being located in the Midwest is both a business advantage and supports the health, comfort, and happiness she aspires for.  “It is an excellent place to do business, providing both location and accessibility.  I love the people, the good work ethic.  I love the change of seasons and the quality of life.”  You don’t have to sell us Jill.  Working with a fellow Hoosier is a great source of pride for Jophiel.  Being located in the Crossroads of America gives both Jill, and Jophiel stylists, a diverse group of women with whom to work.  “My customer ranges from 20-70 in age.  She appreciates art and natural materials.  She loves unique jewelry that is expressive of her style, and is attracted to both artisan and very elegant for every day,” she shares.

When it comes to sourcing materials, “I look for authentic materials that are unique, tell a story and are beautiful,” she explains.  To ensure quality and maintain her Rugged Elegance aesthetic, “I hand pick most products and search for unique resources to keep a new and fresh style.”  For Jill, fashion influences even ordinary objects, both in a direct and indirect way.  “It is all around us, every day, and impacts our perspective and our designing process.  She is inspired by the world around her, form architecture and cultures to food and art. 

Jill Duzan Jewelry Designer Style News Jophiel

As for creating an enduring style?  For the Jill Duzan aesthetic the fact that it is very fluid and interchangeable makes it easy and flexible to wear no matter its – or its wearers – age.  “Customers from 15 years ago will love their JD pieces and mix it with new designs.  It amazes me that jewelry continues to be current and timeless at the same time.”

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