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Designer Grade with Peter O.Mahler

Jophiel’s Designer Grade series is delighted to introduce you to Peter O. Mahler. Peter O. Mahler's work is intuitive, always delivering timeless pieces that fashionistas are sure to love. 

The type of woman wearing his designs is “a self-reliant woman preferring an unstrained nonchalant style.  Individual and wearable.”  And that’s just what his styles are!  Made of high quality fabrics from Italian weavers, each collection builds upon the other, completing the previous season’s look, and adding valuing to the longevity of his style beyond what quality alone can offer.  It allows for a wardrobe that can constantly expand and change.  For us, that means it can keep up with the change and flux in each of our lives.  That is quality unparalleled.

 Peter O.Mahler Designer Grade at Jophiel Style News

“The dress code is sophisticated but suitable for various occasions.  Our customer is prepared for a challenging world, whether she is traveling, lives downtown, or is attending a conference or dinner event.”  It’s about a simplicity in life’s every situation that defines the look and ethos of the Peter O.Mahler brand.  To transform that everyday ordinary into the extraordinary, Peter focuses on “relaxed, comfortable, silhouettes in high quality fabrics resulting in a fashion that radiates a certain serenity.”  That transformation comes from the tension that arises between the traditional and the experimental he goes on to explain. 

 Spring Peter O. Mahler

To meet his client where she’s at, he focuses on the type of woman for whom he’s designing.  “I want to surprise her with my collections.  For her to be able to fall in love with the pieces and understand my philosophy behind it.  To know how to combine it with former pieces.”  Influence isn’t defined by how broad your reach is, but perhaps how deep.

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