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Designer Grade With Ania Schierholt

Jophiel’s Designer Grade series is delighted to introduce you to Ania Schierholt.  Ania Schierholt is German designer with a namesake line.  A synergy of form and stillness, the line encapsulates serenity, strength, structure and style.  For Jophiel, it’s a line essential to creating the Designer Sport look.  Ania Schierholt’s choice in fabrics that convey warmth and comfort provide that relaxed, easy vibe, and her exquisitely cut lines elevate your basic activewear to a tailored, purposeful style.  With a flexibility to mix and match, fashionistas will thrill for the distinguished, individuality she offers. It is a wearable fashion that is both multifaceted and functional.  The kind of line that will make you feel fashionably active.  It moves with you. Come in to discover the...

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