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Designer Grade With Flaca Jewelry

Jophiel’s Designer Grade series is thrilled to introduce you to Flaca Jewelry, owned and operated by Amy Shepsman. Amy just recently relocated from New York to Indiana. We feel very lucky to have the opportunity to work face to face with this Forbes 30 Under 30 award-winning designer. “Flaca” was a nickname given to Amy while she apprenticed as a jewelry manufacturer. One of her co-workers nicknamed her “Flacasita,” a Spanish term that means “skinny,” but also has a deeper more sentimental meaning “my sweetheart, my love.” The term of endearment stuck and Flaca Jewelry was born. The collection was founded to empower the independence of women by inspiring uniqueness. This collection is designed for a woman that recognizes quality...

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Designer Grade With Freida Rothman

Jophiel’s Designer Grade series is thrilled to introduce you to Freida Rothman. Freida Rothman is a premier Brooklyn based designer specializing in luxury jewelry and accessories. Rothman upheld the family lineage in jewelry and gained a semantic affinity for the industry at a very young age. Established in 2010, her eponymous label shortly expanded into a lifestyle brand. Rothman is recognized for her eloquent layered necklaces, bracelets and stacked ring sets. "Once you begin playing, building and adding it becomes quite addictive.  What I love most about stacking bracelets is each person has the capability to make a bangle stack unique to their own personal style.  If you’re feeling edgy, you can use darkened metals and chunky links.  For a night...

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Designer Grade With Jill Duzan

Jophiel’s Designer Grade series is delighted to introduce you to Jill Duzan. Reaching from coast to coast, Jill Duzan’s namesake speaks to the appreciation of antiquity with an artful appeal to endure in this modern world.   As she says, “Mixing materials, textures, and styles from many cultures and tribes to create an artful, modern Jill Duzan style is not trendy, but reflective and respectful of the ancient cultures and where they come from. I think this tells a story and honors what it is, which is timeless.” For Jill, being located in the Midwest is both a business advantage and supports the health, comfort, and happiness she aspires for.  “It is an excellent place to do business, providing both location...

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