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Designer Grade With Emmelle

Jophiel’s Designer Grade series is delighted to introduce you to Emmelle. Emmelle's founder and designer Mi Jong Lee is dedicated to the traditions of New York's Garment District and is proud to have every collection designed and made by hand in their New York atelier.  Lee’s transcontinental upbringing and passion for architecture and art have provided her with continued inspiration for her creations, apparent in her innovative and quality prints, textures, and fabrics imported from Europe and Japan. Emmelle and Lee celebrate the authentic and modern spirit of a woman, cultivating style through a woman's individualistic pursuit for life. Silhouettes that are clean, yet distinctive with artful details, each piece elevated in style but remaining timeless.

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Designer Grade With Jill Duzan

Jophiel’s Designer Grade series is delighted to introduce you to Jill Duzan. Reaching from coast to coast, Jill Duzan’s namesake speaks to the appreciation of antiquity with an artful appeal to endure in this modern world.   As she says, “Mixing materials, textures, and styles from many cultures and tribes to create an artful, modern Jill Duzan style is not trendy, but reflective and respectful of the ancient cultures and where they come from. I think this tells a story and honors what it is, which is timeless.” For Jill, being located in the Midwest is both a business advantage and supports the health, comfort, and happiness she aspires for.  “It is an excellent place to do business, providing both location...

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