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Designer Grade With Elliott Lauren

Jophiel’s Designer Grade series is delighted to introduce you to Elliott Lauren.  Elliott Lauren is a Women's clothing line that offers the best in consistent fit and quality for Jackets, Pants, Jeans, Tops, Sweaters and Outwear. The Elliott Lauren label was founded on a premise to answer the needs of the modern customer who was seeking a trend driven look, but embodied a mindset that valued quality and fit. That central idea has never gone unheeded and the Elliott Lauren collection today is every bit as true to this founding principle as it was when they began.  Elliott Lauren has a mindset positioned perfectly on the crossover point between fashion and practicality. Come in to discover the collection or shop the...

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Designer Grade With Sympli

Jophiel’s Designer Grade series is delighted to introduce you to Sympli. Sympli is designed to ensure every woman feels that fashion has been created with her mind. Sympli is a Canadian design house founded by Jan Stimpson in 1999 on her quest to find the perfect tee. This quest proved to be very challenging, but out of this challenge, Stimpson was inspired to create a collection that focused on simplicity and an honest fit. Her mission was to address the needs of every woman regardless of age, shape, size, or style. Hence the vision for Sympli: “A brand embodying comfort, effortless care and most importantly, an authentic fit that is crafted with every body in mind.” Sympli’s vision drives the design...

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Designer Grade With Riani

Jophiel’s Designer Grade series is delighted to introduce you to German design house RIANI. Founded in 1978, RIANI has upheld fulfilling their customer’s needs at every step-- from design to cutting, logistics to quality control and style education. Starting from a capsule collection of separates, its founder Jürgen Buckenmaier has built upon small successes to innovate and consistently provide a breath of fresh air for every fashion season.  RIANI is much more than just a brand. RIANI wants to embody a lifestyle that will make every new customer a RIANISTA and therefore part of the RIANI family.  RIANI has made it their mission to share their "joy of living" with every RIANI customer – regardless of age or shape. Riani...

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Designer Grade With Annette Görtz

Jophiel’s Designer Grade series is delighted to introduce you to Annette Görtz.  Annette Görtz passion goes beyond form to a greater affection for fabrics themselves. “I love to explore new qualities, treatments, or techniques to process every season.  I am hooked on fabric.” Never one to close her eyes to the world around her, Annette lives for the details and little things she can add to each piece, “just because I love those,” she says.  “There is not always a need, I just want to make it more beautiful.”  We have come to recognize and love this very feature of her work, that an ordinary coat can be transformed to be both functional and avant-garde. “There is a beautiful juxtaposition of having...

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Designer Grade with Peter O.Mahler

Jophiel’s Designer Grade series is delighted to introduce you to Peter O. Mahler. Peter O. Mahler's work is intuitive, always delivering timeless pieces that fashionistas are sure to love.  The type of woman wearing his designs is “a self-reliant woman preferring an unstrained nonchalant style.  Individual and wearable.”  And that’s just what his styles are!  Made of high quality fabrics from Italian weavers, each collection builds upon the other, completing the previous season’s look, and adding valuing to the longevity of his style beyond what quality alone can offer.  It allows for a wardrobe that can constantly expand and change.  For us, that means it can keep up with the change and flux in each of our lives.  That is quality...

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