Who Wears White After Memorial Day?

Memorial Day Weekend is here!  It's the beginning of summer and a day to remember those who served our country.
 According to some people it's the weekend when you can start wearing white again.  Where did this fashion rule come from?
It's a rule from the early 20th century when you had a different outfit for everything you did each day.  White looks were what you wore in warmer weather when you would spend your summer vacation in the Hamptons or in the country.  Labor Day was considered the end of summer, the weekend to put away your white looks and bring back your darker looks for fall.  
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Today, in the 21st century we have one outfit for the entire day.  We may add accessories, slip on a different shoe, or throw on a scarf to transition our look from day to evening, but we rarely put on an evening gown before dinner with our family during the week.  Let's toss that "rule" out the window and wear our favorite white looks year round depending on the weather.  
 A chunky, soft, white cardigan is a fresh addition to complete a look.
A white top is the perfect base for a layered wear now, wear later look.
White is also a great color for summer because it absorbs very little heat. White and off white pieces will keep you cool as a cucumber on a sunny summer day. 
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