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Bet you didn’t see that coming!
When we look towards finishing the look, you can find one signature element of The Jophiel Way: depth.  Whether it is meticulously adding the perfect accessory or consciously leaving one out, working in complimentary colors or juxtaposing patterns when it’s all one color, we look at constantly shopping the store on behalf of a customer to answer the universal question: “Is there something better!?”
To obtain the depth and abundance of a well put together ensemble, one trick of the trade is to add texture.
Texture is translated as the physical structure given to an object’s size, shape, arrangement and proportions of its parts.  Texture, when it’s at its best, is the visual equivalent of your 1st sip of an almond-milk latte in the morning, or the feel of crawling under crisp, white cotton sheets after a long summer day.
When textures are working together, playing well with others, there is something that makes us melt.  The singular items of an ensemble seemingly marry together for a cohesiveness that looks full.  The well placed texture adds depth.
Here we style a collection of looks where the fashion items are intermingling and having fun, adding the layers of depth with the way the textures play off of each other.
Eileen Fisher Silk Shirting
Tissa Fontaneda Envelope Clutch Eileen Fisher Silk Shirting
Nic+Zoe Oregano Tunic

Cheryl DuFault Bracelets Nic+Zoe Oregano Tunic
Eileen Fisher Linen Jacket

Eileen Fisher Greek Key Scarf Nic+Zoe Denim Shell
Nic+Zoe Tulip Shell 
Nic+Zoe Tulip Shell Nic+Zoe Cardigan
Still confused?
Stop by the store and finally get to feel and touch all the beautiful texture that will add depth to your Jophiel Way look.

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