Suzi Roher Silk Scarves to Fall in Love With

They're like pieces of artwork.  With amazing patterns and colors, Suzi Roher blends original photographs and text in her silkscreen scarves.  They open up to beautiful, oversized works of art to wrap yourself up in.


Suzi Roher, Bardot  Suzi Roher, Love Letters Suzi Roher, Plume Suzi Roher, Camilla   Suzi Roher, Watching TV Suzi Roher, Neighborhood

 Stylist and Jophiel owner, Julie loves that she gets to be around pretty clothing and work with beautiful people each day at the store!  As an entrepreneurial business leader in fashion she has the specific goal of continuing the unique perspective of a fashion merchant; selecting fashion lines, creating seasonal stories and inspiring creativity and success for Jophiel staff, clients and the community she serves. You can read more from Julie here .

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  • Haylee

    Oh My Goodness! There are no words.Suzi, you’ve given us the greatest gift, you’ve crautped the essence of our day (and our lives) in your photographs. There are no words to describe the joy we experienced on our wedding day and each and every one of your photos exude the very same.Not only are you the most beautiful photographer, you’re the most beautiful woman the world needs more people like you Suzi Lighten! Throughout the whole booking from the other side of the world experience I’ve feel we must have been long lost buddies lol.Thank you for shining your light on our lives.We are forever grateful xxxxMarnie

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