Jophiel Treasures

Tuesday evening we celebrated 20 years of Jophiel fashion in Fort Wayne,  It was a resplendent night in true Jophiel style with live music, great food, fabulous people and beautiful jewelry provided by our guest of honor Jill Wiley Duzan of Jill Duzan.  For 20 years Jophiel has served the Fort Wayne community in fashion, pairing beautiful people with beautiful things.  We'd like to thank each and everyone of you who has stepped into our store, become a part of our family and helped support our love of sharing fashion with everyone.


Jill Duzan Jophiel Jill Duzan Jill Duzan Jill Duzan  Jill Duzan Jill Duzan

 Heartland Sings 


To see our collection of Jill Duzan jewelry shop accessories or stop by the store today!

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