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A Perfect Pairing, Wedding Dress and Venue

The wedding dress and wedding venue are two key factors to the overall style and feel of your big day. Having these elements work together is of vital importance in achieving a winning wedding look. So, which is more important, which do you select first?  There is no clear answer to this question. It’s a matter of perspective.  Which has vital importance to you? Marrying at sunset on a beach could be your dream, or you could have visions of a princess ball gown with a long train, both are breathtaking ideas. However, a ball gown and a beach are conflicting elements; simple flowing dresses work best with the light, airy feel of a beach wedding. Allow your dress and venue to work together effortlessly instead of competing for attention.

Julie Eckert Clancy; President and Jophiel Stylist, chose her location first, a small beautiful chapel overlooking the mountains in Lake Tahoe. “Jerry and I wanted to select a place that neither of us had been before. We wanted something small, private and intimate. Even though it wasn't an elaborate wedding, it was important to me to have a beautiful dress. A beaded Teri Jon gown suited to my age (40), venue, and body shape. Perfect for the special event it was for Jerry and I.”

Julie Eckert Clancy Wedding Photo

Cassie Teagno; Stylist & Visual Coordinator, " We chose our venue before we even became engaged. I had been planning my wedding since I was 4. I knew what I wanted, and I had a plan. I knew I wanted a summer wedding and that I needed to jump on it so we could save the date, July 19th, 2014.  We decided on our venue because it had a wedding planner and caterer on sight, which made the planning process and wedding day less stressful." Ease of mind was essential for Cassie when preparing to walk down the aisle, the dress was a bit more challenging, "I went into dress shopping with no set idea of what I wanted. I knew that I was more comfortable in an A-line and princess style but wanted to make sure I tried on a variety of styles. The only stipulation I had was that it had to be sparkly."  Cassie ultimately chose a strapless princess dress with beading and laser cut floral applique.


In September of 2017 Leah Strauss Grant; Our former Stylist & Associate Director for Digital Media and Marketing, tied the knot, “Timeline I learned is really important. I had started dress shopping before we finalized the venue and didn’t realize how much one influences the other.” Seeking a timeless elegance Leah and her husband Alex choose to marry at her parents’ home in a beautiful outdoor ceremony and reception. “I remember practicing dancing and lifting my arms when I was trying on styles. If the dress is a good fit for you and altered correctly, it shouldn’t be hard to move in or wear all day.” 


 So, as you hear above each bride will have their own order of importance. The key is to find your harmonious pairing of wedding dress and wedding venue.


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