Designer Grade With Annette Görtz

The Jophiel Way represents a grade of designers, each designer uplifting the standard of excellence every Jophiel customer has come to expect from the fashions we offer.  We connect with these lines, their look and their m'o, we look up to them!  It is as fashion should be.  Have you ever looked at beauty before you and wanted to know more?
We're introducing each of our Jophiel Way designers, the amazing founders who are leaving their mark on women's fashion.  Focused on the importance of ensuring every woman feels fashion is made for her.  Each line connects with different shoppers and delivers their own standard of excellence which its loyal wearers have come to appreciate.

Known by many a Jophiel shopper, Annette Görtz offers a reason for dressing up in her absolute love and regard for design.  Her passion goes beyond form to a greater affection for fabrics themselves.  “I love to explore new qualities, treatments or techniques to process every season.  I am hooked on fabric.” Never one to close her eyes to the world around her, Annette lives for the details and little things she can add to each piece, “just because I love those,” she says.  “There is not always a need, I just want to make it more beautiful.”  We have come to recognize and love this very feature of her work, that an ordinary coat can be transformed to be both functional and avant-garde.

Annette Görtz Designer Grade at Jophiel Style News

“There is a beautiful juxtaposition of having the idea of timelessness and fashion intertwine, as is the same with having the notion of the global influences and cultural traditions working side by side.”  The timing in fashion can be everything, for Annette, it is well beyond what is NOW.  “In the global sense of fashion there are constant transitions focused on change but that also rely on cultural traditions.  Thinking global but seeking local – it is a contradictory fact that timeless styles can simultaneously exist in rigid fashion trends.  But timeless fashion will always be a trend.”

Annette Görtz Designer Grade at Jophiel Style News

Creating the being and brand Annette Görtz that so many woman love to shop is driven by a feeling.  She is a strong woman that is thrilled by beautiful things and tries to see the beauty in every situation.  “She is excited by nice things and the diversity you can experience every day if you look for it.”  Annette looks for it herself.  Inspired by so many different things and situations; from art, culture, and nature, she finds significance through stories.  “I think that many things are lost today and for me fashion is like a connection to things I miss.”

Annette Görtz Designer Grade at Jophiel Style News

Her loyal customers, who recognize her appreciation for everything, also recognize her attention to quality.  Her rigorous testing of the quality and valency of fabrics turns out the size of her overall look each season.  “In numbers, this means that about 80% of our first selection won’t make it into the collection,” making her pieces all the more thrilling in their rarity.

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