Designer Grade With Riani

Jophiel’s Designer Grade blog series is an in-depth conversation about each of the lines we carry, who their designer is, what inspires the looks, and how they add to the beauty, variety, and overall concept that is Jophiel. They are lines that are unapologetically focused on the importance of ensuring every woman feels fashion is made for her. Each line connects with different shoppers and delivers their own standard of excellence which its loyal wearers have come to appreciate.

We’re introducing German design house RIANI. Looking to their, can you believe it, Fall/Winter 2018-2019 collection. Get color, style, and serious fashion inspo from this company.

Founded in 1978, Riani has upheld fulfilling their customer’s needs at every step, from its design to cutting, logistics to quality control, and style education. Starting from a capsule collection of hit separates, it’s founder Jürgen Buckenmaier has built upon small successes to innovate and consistently provide a breath of fresh air for every fashion season.

Each new collection, in keeping with the company credo: Riani always fits, has reached more and more women. This fall Jophiel customers will thrill for the lines combination of design, fit perfection, and consistency. As Jürgen Buckenmaier remarks, "We are a family and friends with our customers and suppliers and this is very important to us".

The line is boldly sublime, being at once perfect, demurely feminine and, at times, cheeky looks. Starting a whole new cult of “rianistas”, it’s an electrifying mix and we are even more excited to introduce it to you May 10th, 11th and 12th!

Discover the Pre Fall and Fall 2018 collection and become a Rianista yourself.

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