Designer Grade With Tissa Fontaneda

The Jophiel Way represents a grade of designers, each designer uplifting the standard of excellence every Jophiel customer has come to expect from the fashions we offer.  We connect with these lines, their look and their m'o, we look up to them!  It is as fashion should be.  Have you ever looked at beauty before you and wanted to know more?
We're introducing each of our Jophiel Way designers, the amazing founders who are leaving their mark on women's fashion.  Focused on the importance of ensuring every woman feels fashion is made for her.  Each line connects with different shoppers and delivers their own standard of excellence which its loyal wearers have come to appreciate.

Who can resist the supple bubble of a Tissa Fontaneda handbag?  Even looking at them from afar, you can sense the softness of their leather.  How does an accessory accentuate the uniqueness of the woman?  We connected with Tissa to understand more about her eponymous line and discovered how lucky we are to have her designing for the women of the world.

Tissa Fontaneda Portrait at Jophiel Style News

Beyond the trends and the fads, the “It” bags and the influencers, you will find Tissa Fontaneda.  Her love of beauty is deeply rooted, and her expertise in the world of luxury built from years of experience at notable brands like Swarovski, Loewe, Narciso Rodriguez and Louis Vuitton.    But what drives her most?  “Working with amazing artisans and people who are passionate about what they are doing.”  “I am definitely designing for independent, international women.  Women who are looking for beauty before brand.”

Tissa Fontaneda Mujer Hoy Pic

When it comes to sourcing materials, she ensures quality and excellence simply by choosing to work with the best leather manufactures in the world.  For her, fashion’s ability to transform ordinary objects into beauty is all about creativity!  “Also, creating beautiful things must be the main impulse… not making a profit.”  That distinction becomes apparent when her exquisite accessory line elevates even the most basic of ensembles to another level.  “It’s a must for me,” she says!  That is the reason why woman continue to come back to her line.

For Tissa, it can be wrapped up in the new Spring 2018 Simple Matter in Aquamarine Nappa Bubbles.  “It’s a simple, beautiful bag and in a beautiful summer color.   It represents par excellence my vision of a beautiful hand bag.”

Tissa Fontaneda Simple Matter With Tassel in Aquamarine



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