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Fashion Is Falling In Love With Olive!

If you follow fashion, then you know that olive green has definitely become a wardrobe staple–  it's here to stay! Olive green looks great with almost everything– black, navy, animal print, brights, neutrals...and the list goes on!

We love the warmth and earth tone hues that olive green brings to an outfit. Whether you call it olive, moss, or bay leaf, this earth-toned green is one of our favorites! Olive green's versatility means it will slot easily into your existing wardrobe. Lighter shades of olive green will refresh your closet and pair seamlessly with your tired white shirts, while darker shades of olive green can be treated like any other neutral in your closet.

Are you feeling brave? Go for a tonal look to create a modern chic impact. For a subdued look, style this color as you would any other neutral with beige or camel. If you're more of a risk-taker, we recommend wearing this olive shade in allover monochrome. This color mixes so well with other neutrals that you already have in your closet, so why not give it a try! 

When trying to decide how to style this color, first, think about your personal color analysis (the particular colors that you should wear to compliment your specific skin tones, hair, and eye color).

  • If you are monochromatic, then pair light and dark shades of olive green together.
  • If you are analogous, then wear olive green with warm blues or yellows.
  • If you are triadic, then pair olive green with warm reds, violets, and/or orange.
  • If you are complementary, try olive green with a burgundy or coral pink.

Read on for our favorite olive pieces and styling advice.


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