Introducing The NEW Jophiel Label — Created And Designed Exclusively By Jophiel!



We are pleased to announce some very exciting news — the launch of the Jophiel label! 

Since 1994, Jophiel has been helping women express their personal style through exceptional fashion knowledge of apparel and accessories styled “the Jophiel Way” by focusing on unique offerings from quality European, Canadian and American fashion designers.

“Why launch our own label now, one might ask?” prompted Julie Eckert Clancy, president of Jophiel. “Modern and classic have always been our fashion cornerstones — what both clients and staff love, and what we all call our “go-to” season after season, so it was easy to determine our focus for the new line.”

"We have a collective expertise and years of fashion experience between myself, Nancy, our stylists, and our professional seamstresses.  And it was very uplifting to work and be inspired together for the greater good of our company as well as our team and clients,” she continued. “It has created an excitement for us during a time when many would say fashion isn’t relevant, but it is. Fashion has the ability to transform, and we have always been about styling to an individual’s unique look, needs, and personal style in a very classic, but modern way, which makes our own line very important.”

Jophiel also learned quickly through its recent face mask project how to respond to a need and create a quality face mask that clients responded to immediately. “Over the last few months, we had a little ‘recess’ from our work normal, so it was a wonderful time to keep experimenting and creating together,” Eckert Clancy explained. “The need for skin-friendly, comfortable cotton accessories will be strong as everyone continues to move through COVID-19, and really, that makes our face masks the first category piece created as part of our new label.”

This week, Jophiel will be launching four unique accessories: Two premium 100% cotton scarves, a scarf/belt combination piece, and a 100% premium cotton face mask under its new label. “Well-designed, modern and classic accessory pieces are always a ‘go-to’ because they are easy, practical and fashionable. Our collective inspiration for the entire line has been about client and staff favorites — and that’s certainly true with these initial pieces. Then we chose fabulous prints for each of these signature accessory pieces so our clients could dress a look up or down. Every piece of the Jophiel line will always reflect a modern, classic sense that will help define a woman’s style for years to come.”

The large square scarf is 23” by 23” and sells for $59. The oblong scarf is 71” by 3 1/4”, may be worn as a belt or ascot scarf, and sells for $49. The neckerchief is 30 by 8 1/2 and sells for $29. The premium cotton Jophiel signature face mask sells for $19. All are 100% premium cotton and deliciously soft yet crisp at the same time — the perfect material weight to provide the utmost in comfort. And they all wash and wear beautifully!

But it’s the quality of the detailing and finishing that truly sets the Jophiel pieces apart. There is interest and detailing in every unique print, whether it’s a subtle monochromatic print or a metallic thread that reflects the light just right. The nature prints are gorgeous: bold butterflies, dragonflies, sunflowers, song birds and bees are oh-so eye-catching in their dimensionality and graphic pop, All will travel seamlessly from summer into fall. (click here to see how to style).

“I think this line will mean different things to different clients,” Eckert-Clancy concluded. “Our clients look to us to keep things fresh and happening, and will appreciate that we are listening to them in order to provide them with the absolute best of current fashion. They will be grateful to know that as a local, independent fashion retailer, Jophiel is committed to do what is necessary to bring our clients the quality and fashion they have come to expect from us.”

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