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Luisa Cerano's Fall 2020 Collection At Jophiel

The second collection from Luisa Cerano is New Graphic. Minimalist and clear ... classic, like in the nineties, more classy than ever before. The new look adds a luxurious appeal to understatement styles. Muted, minimalist colors, right up to pure black and white are presented in graphic prints or elegant, uniform looks. Metallic accents add a touch of glamour.

We love the rich chocolate brown tones, a key color for the season. 





The first collection we will be seeing from Jophiel favorite Luisa Cerano is Urban Codes. This new luxury collection delights with looks of modern casual elegance. Bourgeoise Therapy is the stylistic theme here - translated into an encounter of 70's moods paired with bohemian silhouettes.

We love the grounded brown tones present in this collection. Earthy tones are key this fall. 

Luisa Cerano Leopard Dress at Jophiel  




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