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Spring 2019 Fashion Trends -Jophiel

Spring 2019 Fashion Trends -Jophiel

A new season deserves a closet refresh—go into spring well-informed with the top looks from the runways of New York, London, Milan, and Paris. We know there are a handful of looks that will get you shopping for Spring 2019. From bermuda trousers to animal prints, the little pink dress and utility dressing, delve into a fresh look at fashion for the new season!

Looking for the bright side? We've got you covered from Pink Peacock to Mango, there's a color for everyone this Spring! The Spring/Summer 2019 colors are uplifting; joyful hues that lend themselves to playful expressionism. Below are the top 12 stand out colors, as well as current takes on the four classic neutrals.

From the colors you'll need in your wardrobe to this Spring's 'it' print, here are all the Spring/Summer fashion trends you'll be wearing in 2019. Peruse the colors and trends that sparked our interest this season below.

Color Palette:


Top Trends!

1. Animal Print:

Animal print will continue into the Spring/Summer as a prominent print trend. You’ll predominantly see leopard, cheetah, zebra and snakeskin patterns. Within this trend, you’ll also notice mix print variations with an animal print infusion. Animal print will appear on a variety of garments, including pants, coats, dresses, suits and more. 

Shop These Looks:

Sylvia Sweater by 360 Cashmere at Jophiel Zebra Print Shirt Dress by Luisa Cerano at Jophiel

 2. Menswear/Suiting:

The industry is moving away from the more fluid styles of recent seasons to a sharper silhouette (cleaner lines). It’s all about how it’s styled, for example, tailored trousers styled with shirts and belts for a pulled-together look that still feels softer than a suit.

Shop These Looks: 

Maryann Car Coat by Lafayette 148 New York at Jophiel Jill Tweed Jacket by Bianca at Jophiel

3. Bermuda Trouser or Crop Culotte:

When it comes to bottoms, you’ll see a new length this Spring/Summer! These bottoms are the perfect length for clients that don’t want to wear long shorts, but you want to show off a little ankle/leg! We’re calling this bottom the Bermuda Trouser or Crop Culotte.  

Shop These Looks: 

Hepburn Capri by Sympli at Jophiel Roll Cuff Capri by Peter O. Mahler

4. Cargo/Utility:

Expect to hear this term a lot this Spring/Summer. The trend falls somewhere between chic safari and modern military. You’ll see combat/cargo trousers, oversized parkas and utilitarian jackets within this trend. One note, the cargo trousers aren't military inspired, but instead loose-cut with pockets that aren't bulky. You’ll see a ton of Terrarium Moss (green), Soy Bean and Sweet Corn in this trend!

Coming soon: 

Boatneck Top by Peter O. Mahler at Jophiel Linen Jacket by Peter O. Mahler at Jophiel

 5. Floral:

Can we have a season without floral? The floral patterns for Spring/Summer are being expressed through dainty/ditsy prints, bohemian inspired style, and colorblocking with mixed media. Pattern-mixing (mix media) will have a major moment this Spring!

Shop These Looks:

  Dunja Floral Blouse by Bianca at Jophiel

6. Americana:

The Americana trend will be very prominent this Summer (yes, again). This trend will feature denim (head to toe), leather accents, embellishments, and variations of print. The motif patterns that will be prominent within this trend are: stars, stripes, plaid and paisley.

Shop These Looks:

Ginna Box Pleat Shirt by Kal Rieman at Jophiel Tweed Blazer with Fringe by Gerry Weber at Jophiel

 7. Shirting:

Last Fall/Winter, we saw soft shirting emerge in the marketplace. This trend is going to continue into Spring/Summer. We will continue to see delicate prints, lightweight fabrications (cotton & silk), as well as shirt dresses. This trend will continue to take on a modern-classic look, which definitely speaks to our client.

Shop These Looks:

Petite Artisan Bouquet Stretch Cotton Eleni Shirtdress by Lafayette 148 New York at Jophiel Wrap Front Shirt Dress by Kal Rieman at Jophiel

Stripe Shirt- Doena by Bianca at Jophiel at Jophiel Stripe Button Up Shirt by Luisa Cerano at Jophiel

8. Tie-Dye

Tie-dye had a modern update! Designers are using meticulous craftsmanship to create kaleidoscope inspired clothing. You’ll see tie-dye in soft colors on sweaters, tees, skirts and much more! 

Shop These Looks:

Eilsey Sweater by 360 Cashmere at Jophiel Water Print V Neck by White + Warren at Jophiel

9. Chain Print:

It might be unexpected, but chain-link is soaring to the top of the 2019 print list. You'll see hints of this trend in Spring, but this will be a full-fledged trend for Fall 2019, so go ahead and embrace a little '80s influence with this print. You’ll see this print on everything from shirting to trousers. 

10. Outerwear:

As we transition from Winter into Spring, you’ll see the puffer coat continue to be a wardrobe staple! Let us help you find ways to layer (over and under). As the Spring rain rolls around, you’ll want to focus on rainwear. Rainwear was very prevalent on the runway for Spring 2019.

Shop These Looks:

  Gracia Jacket by Bianca at Jophiel

11. Special Occasion:

From Mother-Of-The Bride to cocktail attire, we are seeing some prominent trends happening in the special occasion business. The motto of this season is maximum femininity, so we’re seeing classic silhouettes, classic fabric and feminine color. We’re also seeing some new/emerging details: ruching, bows and ruffles/frills. Don’t worry, the floral prints and glossy texture is still on trend!

Shop These Looks: 

 Off The Shoulder Dress by Frascara at Jophiel Two-Piece Dress & Topper Set by Frascara at Jophiel

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