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Are You Ready For Winter?

Coats are a must right now and in Indiana, we need a coat wardrobe.  Long, knee-length, jacket length, with hoods or without hoods.  Then we need parkas, cloth coats, the fabulous "tweener" coat for the  milder temperatures in Spring and Fall!  Remember so often a coat is the first thing someone see on you and on some days it is all they see. Make it a statement coat!  

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Seemingly Simple Fit

It’s not just stitch details but also fit details that can elevate your pant look. With the right fit, that means no pulling in front or gaping pockets, the pattern hitting in the right places and the hem falling to the right length, a perfect pant is a strong building block for your entire outfit. Picking up where we left off with Seemingly Simple Details, stylist Leslee Hill picks four new pairs of pants to kick off our week!  

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