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Closet Chitter Chatter: Footwear Trends for Fall 2019

Are you ready to escape the Summer heat for crisp Fall days? We certainly are! Don't get us wrong, we love sandal season, but there's something especially exciting about Fall shoe shopping! Maybe it's all the rich colors or the luxe fabrics... whatever the reason, we can't wait to get back into our loafers and boots again! Fall footwear is all about comfort, durability, and ease. You want these shoes to live in your closet for years, so you look for timeless pieces, but also interesting and unique, as you don't want to get bored season after season. That's where the trends come in! The new season's trends elevate the tried and true silhouettes, making them feel special! Whether it's...

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Closet Chitter Chatter: Outerwear Trends for Fall 2019

There’s no need to wait until the leaves start falling to begin shopping for your Fall outerwear. Once the weather begins to cool off and we start to feel that chill in the air, we all start to break out the outerwear! You may think that you don't need a new coat this season, but a nice coat is always worth the splurge. Some seasons you may want a trendy option, while other seasons call for a more practical style. Either way, a coat will last multiple seasons, but with so many new styles coming out annually, who can resist buying a new one...or two. From camel to colorful, puffer to faux fur, here are some of our favorite outerwear...

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Closet Chitter Chatter: Biggest Color Trends for Fall 2019

As the temperatures start to drop, we're quick to embrace a new Fall wardrobe! Like most Fall fashion seasons, the color trends reflect the season, especially the colors of turning leaves-- nature in all its colorful glory. This season, the Fall palette is more luxe and vibrant! Although these rich hues are so attractive, we encourage you to invest in the classic colors too! This season, there are several neutrals that you're not going to want to miss out on. With so much variety, we believe everyone can find a favorite hue for the Fall! Keep reading to find out what our favorite colors are! About the Classic Colors: As Pantone states, "This season’s classic shades are strong enough to stand alone...

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