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A Stylists Expertise On Dressing For Special Occasion

Table Talk is an endeavor to share some of the conversations that we are having in the store, the expertise each stylist possesses and to have an open and honest conversation about fashion. We wanted to focus this Table Talk on Special Occasion.  And why not, it is after all, a fashionable confabulation! Leah: "I googled “special occasion dressing”, I found plenty of places I could shop, but nowhere that told me what special occasion was.  I wanted to ask, isn’t knowing what is fitting for a special occasion important?" Jan:  "Yes.  I will a lot of times ask if my client has the invitation.  Is the dress code in writing?" Julie: "If they don’t have it, I think it’s...

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Does Casual Dress Mean Casual Business Success?

With the ever-changing dress code in our workplaces, we are starting to ask ourselves, is “dressing” for work dead? I decided to do some research on this topic. As stylists we are constantly getting feedback from our clients that their workplaces are going to the “jeans look” for every day not just casual Fridays. This casual change in fashion comes from the sports influence: your yoga pants, banded joggers bottoms, wick-away fabrics, etc. With the sports influence being so prominent in fashion, we all love the idea of being more comfortable at work, but at what cost to our career advancement. Research shows that appearances do matter in terms of career advancement and personal success. I read about yoga pants...

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What Suits You? - An investment in yourself and your future.

Developing a wearable, workable wardrobe is essential to succeeding in the workplace. It shows you are invested in yourself and your career. A wardrobe can be an asset, you only get one first impression, one first interview, and appearances do matter. Not in the sense that you have to be a super model or a beauty queen, but you must show respect for yourself, and show a sense of professionalism to be taken seriously. If you don't have respect for yourself and your work, why would anyone else? So, investing in yourself and your career, beyond your education, is crucial in landing the job that allows you to build the professional and financial future from which you can be proud...

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Make Your Special Occasion A Special Occasion

How can a personal stylist help guide your fashion for an upcoming special occasion?  Is it a dreaded invite in the mail?  Or are you hosting and feel you need to dress the part?  Does the whole process seem stressful or out of date?  In this month’s Table Talk, we sit down with Jophiel stylists to address how we approach planning and dressing for a special occasion and decide to look at it as an opportunity to celebrate!  This is a joyous time, let us rejoice in it! Come party with our Jophiel Table Talk, after all, it is a fashionable confabulation! Jan:  "It is a Special Occasion.  Let’s allow ourselves the time to enjoy the specialness of it. As...

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How To Shop The New Year SALES Like a Buyer.

It's an exciting time for deal hunters!  It's January!  The first of the year is that time of year — SALE, SALE, SALE.  How do you successfully shop a sale?  We ask Julie Jophiel president and founder who does all the store's buying, to help answer the important questions. Julie:  My response is always the same…for the best selection, always shop the first markdown, and be prepared by having gone through your closet, which we just shared in our stylist tips and tricks Style News story!  Then come with a list or an idea of what you are looking to add to your wardrobe.  That sounds like a lot of upfront work, why be prepared?  Julie:  If you need to replenish basics in...

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