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There is more to personal styling than clothes.

A good stylist should be the fashionable friend in your life, because let’s face it, change isn’t just one and done, as your stylist we want to continue to grow and evolve with you.  In the last Table Talk we focused on how the fashion industry doesn’t actually do a lot to help our self-confidence sometimes.  We brought up the sometimes-uncomfortable conversation about body image.  Advertisements and social and cultural expectations can leave us lost on fit, what’s appropriate, and how we should feel about ourselves.  But there is hope in the knowledge that years of experience can bring you.  As a stylist, we are your cheerleaders.  A stylist is a person that should be a guide to living your...

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Work What You Got!

At many times in life we will find ourselves as a tweener: a person considered to be between two recognized categories. Whether we are passing from a life in academia to a new job, we recently received a promotion, change of job, change of city?  We find ourselves mothers and grandmothers, or are transitioning from a career to retirement.  We can fall between two recognized fields with which we identify, and can come upon the proverbial fork in the road at any time in our journey.  The question is, how do we respond to our new direction? We may feel lost, out of place, excited, overwhelmed, indifferent.  A myriad of different feelings.  And our new direction can start to influence...

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1 Style 6 Different Ways.

Looking for the crisp and elegant new uniform? Running around in your yoga pants is so passé.  Let’s face it, if you don’t actually wear them to work out… should you be wearing them? For the next level of perfection, look no further than a polished shirt dress.  From a myriad of designers, the new shirt dress silhouette isn’t stiff and old, but actually a great number to throw over your leggings, a pair of pants or bare legs to show your tan.  It goes from the board room to the carpool line in either fluid silk and graphic prints to denim inspired or crash light for travel (yes wear a Peter O.Mahler crash light shirt dress for all season...

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Style Astrology

Style, as inconstant as the moon, that monthly change in her seasons trends. So how do we keep track?  We asked Nancy, Jophiel’s VP of Sales and Merchandising who oversees all Jophiel stylists and organizes the floor so our color stories and looks flow, to help shed some light on how to filter through the retail of fashion to understand style and what the difference is. How many years have you worked in fashion retail? Time has gone so fast! Over 40 years. Of those years how many would you say you really owned the title of, as we like to say at Jophiel, a Fashion Advocate, not just a stylist? Twenty to twenty-one. You have to understand, fashion was my...

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