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On-Duty, Off-Duty Fashion Event

This past week we had the privilege of hosting an evening with the ladies of Fort Wayne’s Junior League to talk about how to dress appropriately for a modern career and develop a wardrobe that will take you from work to off-duty.  What is modern suiting? What does casual professional attire mean?  How to dress off-duty without compromising on your authority?  When are jeans ok, and how to make them WOW! And let me tell you, there was a lot of talking!  The conversation revolved around the different dress codes, whether you’re in the creative field or more traditional, how to dress to most flatter your shape and what elements of the revival in the 70s look are really worth trying. Below, see some of...

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Confidently Dressing: Make It Your Own

Just because we work in fashion, doesn't mean each of us hasn't felt the pressure of dressing appropriately and feeling confident in how we look.  That is a challenge everyone faces!  To shed some light on the topic, we asked stylist Leah Strauss Grant a few questions about the power of style and where confidence comes from. Does the office culture at your work place affect the way you dress? Yes and no.  I think I’ve always placed a lot of emphasis on getting dressed in the morning, it is part of how I actively show up and work hard in life, and because I’m aggressive about living life fully I don’t shy away from wearing what I want to...

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Get to Know a PRO! Kris Foate

We define Pro as someone with exceptional style, grace and skills that shine through in everything they are passionate about. We are not talking just Pros in the field of fashion, because we aren’t solely inspired by fashion. We believe fashion is an extension of the fabulous person who wears the clothes. So we want to know, what fuels that person’s fabulousness because we think, all around, they’re a Pretty Rad Operator. To open our newest series we interviewed Kris Foate.  As a patron of the store, active community member and Fort Wayne leader, we wanted to know more about her current role, her fashion inspirations, her drive to support her community and so much more.  

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