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Start Your Engines!

Holiday Shopping Jophiel is excited to be participating in our second year with the Fort Wayne Country Holiday Pop-UP Shop.  We will be modeling the best in winter fashion during the luncheon and be offering shoppers a great selection of holiday gifts and winter wear in our pop-up boutique.  You do not have to be a member to attend this fantastic event!  Call 260-432-2581 or visit to reserve your seat.

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Are You Ready For Winter?

Coats are a must right now and in Indiana, we need a coat wardrobe.  Long, knee-length, jacket length, with hoods or without hoods.  Then we need parkas, cloth coats, the fabulous "tweener" coat for the  milder temperatures in Spring and Fall!  Remember so often a coat is the first thing someone see on you and on some days it is all they see. Make it a statement coat!  

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TLC For Your Cashmere

We're always being asked why cashmere pills.  A great question!  So here is our expert advice on pilling, how to keep your cashmere and other tidbits to know! First off, all natural fibers pill.  Any garment made of natural fibers will typically pill where there is friction, like where your purse rubs against your hip when you carry it on the same shoulder day after day.  Try switching it up!  Washing will help reduce pilling and bring up the fresh new fibers.  Or try a cashmere comb and gently comb the surface of your sweater, travel wrap or cardigan to remove pills. Cleaning is another really important part of keeping your cashmere looking beautiful.  Hand washing in cold water is the safest...

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