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The new Easter Bonnet…

The new Easter Bonnet…
Who would have ever thought that this Easter and Passover season we would be wearing face masks as our most coveted accessory? What a difference from the years of Easter parades and spring fashion events in preparation for a family filled day of worship and gathering for our special dinners. But here we are in the year of COVID-19 wearing face masks to protect our loved ones and fellow citizens.
Even though this is a challenging time in our world history, we have witnessed the good of humanity through our medical workers, businesses, governments, countries and citizens. The list of good goes on and on and the Jophiel team had to do their part. On March 25th we started making face masks to send to Community East Hospital in Indianapolis, when Jan’s daughter reached out about not having a mask to wear in the COVID-19 testing area. That just wasn’t going to do, so the Jophiel team went to work, purchasing fabric, interfacing and elastic and getting sewers! This little team of 2 sewers and three others prepping all the materials became 9 sewers and many wonderful individuals donating, cutting fabric, ironing on interfacing, cutting pipe cleaners and elastic to make 100% cotton face masks. All masks have been provided to medical personnel and patients at hospitals for free!
Today we have delivered over 1000 face masks in total to The Community Health Network of Indianapolis and Parkview in Fort Wayne.  In addition, we have provided masks for our family and friends, and a Physicians Group.  We are still SEWING and will continue to do so until there is no longer a need.  Please reach out to us, if you are in need for yourself, family, business, hospital or medical group.
If you are requesting masks for an organization email 
To help by purchasing supplies please call us 260-436-8338, just $8.00 will make at least 5 masks for those on the frontlines.
These individuals have made all this possible. Thank you!




  • Fearless Cook

    Thank you, Neighbor, for all the love you give to others!

  • WAnda hOldren

    What a wonderful idea to help the medical needs
    You are a great group

  • Marcia

    Love these – we can all do something to help others🇺🇸

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