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What Suits You? - An investment in yourself and your future.

Developing a wearable, workable wardrobe is essential to succeeding in the workplace. It shows you are invested in yourself and your career. A wardrobe can be an asset, you only get one first impression, one first interview, and appearances do matter. Not in the sense that you have to be a super model or a beauty queen, but you must show respect for yourself, and show a sense of professionalism to be taken seriously. If you don't have respect for yourself and your work, why would anyone else? So, investing in yourself and your career, beyond your education, is crucial in landing the job that allows you to build the professional and financial future from which you can be proud to retire.

So, how do you start this investment in yourself, your career, and wardrobe all at the same time? With any venture it's important to choose wisely, selecting items that both compliment your work environment and will give you a higher return on investment. First know the dress code, both what is written in the manual and the unwritten standards, because they are not always the same. Many companies have adopted a more relaxed dress code, that doesn't mean your supervisor, the CEO, or the person giving out promotions agrees with or practices a casual “jeans everyday” vibe.

Second, invest in pieces that will provide you with longevity and versatility, this is key to earning a high return on investment. The last few seasons designers have drawn a strong influence from classic suiting. This is the perfect guide to create endless options to construct a work wardrobe that showcases your professional drive and your personal style. Illustrate your feminine nature with detailed twists on classics, shirting with dramatic belled sleeves or ruffle details, suit staples done in floral prints, or step into an ultra-feminine Cinderella shoe to polish your uniform off. Display your athletic nature by opting for an item or two with racing striped piping, a knit blazer, a banded bottom pant, or a sport inspired shoe. All of these elements have been designed to allow you the “Modern Career Woman,” to create your own power suit.

Third and lastly, don’t skimp on fit. Don’t short change your investment by settling for “it kind-of fits”. Think of it as an insurance policy on your investment. The perfect fit prevents as many embarrassing moments as possible, miss fitting shoes and unhemmed pants are tripping hazards and can lead to awkward moments and or even injuries. Bankroll for your wardrobe, alter items to fit your figure. This is key to showing you mean business, having clothes that fit both you and your workplace displays that you are confident and value yourself.

Achieving success in business is hard, it involves suiting up every day to embrace the constant changes, allow yourself a victory everyday by stepping into your “power suit,” and take pride in knowing you are dressed for success in clothes that represent you and the value you bring to the table.

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