Bell of The Ball

Fashion is a continuation.  There are styling changes from season to season and at Jophiel, since we are all about building a wardrobe, we love looks that flow season to season, day-to-night and casual to dressy.  This spring, continue fall’s Aline silhouette but add a little swing!
Marc Cain Aline Tunic Jophiel Way Marc Cain Aline Tunic Jophiel Way
The term tunic refers to the length of the top, be it a collar shirt, v-neck sweater or Aline top.  The irreplaceable detail about the spring Marc Cain Aline tunic is its swing, giving it a slight feminine flare.
Marc Cain Aline The Jophiel Way
As a rule, keep the bottom slim when you work with more length on top, like we do with an Eileen Fisher pencil skirt.  So you can wear the Marc Cain swing tunic just like any of your favorite tunics.  But if you want to mix things up, try a slightly flared pull-on pant?  When you can break the rule and still get away with it, well that’s when you’ve got style!
Marc Cain Aline The Jophiel Way Eileen Fisher Pencil Skirt The Jophiel Way
Marc Cain Aline Top Jophiel Way

As styled by Lynette Scott and Nancy Stuck

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