Beyond The Everyday

Going places?

We all are!  But does your style go with you?

We’re talkin' creating a ventilation system right into your daily wardrobe.  Styling you with a built in AC unit.
During summer there is a lot of activity.  Pool parties.  Garden parties.  Bridal showers.  Outdoor ceremonies.
We’ve said it before: when it comes to wearing less, that’s fine, but do so where you can confidently show less.
Very few women really look good in shorts after a certain age.  They might be able to wear them, but that doesn’t mean that’s their best look,” Julie boldly states.
Furthermore, shorts don’t always mean cooler. “An easier silhouette, allowing fresh air to circulate, as opposed to tight, fitted coverings, is what keeps you cool,” Nancy concurs.
At some point you have to realize, it’s no different than a man, in a church that doesn’t have air-conditioning at a wedding and he’s having to be in a suit. How warm is that!  And the women can walk in in a sleeveless dress and feel great,” says Julie.  We have to keep in mind the social obligations that dictate our wardrobe. 
In my styling experience, clients that don’t work, they worry less about their surroundings.  But people who dress for their career don’t question how being appropriate dictates their wardrobe,” Nancy articulates.
The women who want to wear less don’t see the dichotomy of wearing less and losing structure.  “You have to be willing to work with it,” explains Nancy.
One of the benefits of wearing linen is that the natural fibers add body.  It’s gonna breath and be airy but because of its body, you can get away without having a layer underneath,” offers Julie.  “But you would have to layer if it were some other blend that is a tissue weight or sheer,” Julie clarifies.  “Those are the things you can find me running around in,” Julie admits. 
The clingier fabrics like modal just lay against your body and trap in the warmth, and show every little disfigure on top of that!” Nancy emphatically explains.
You can be completely clothed and still feel lightweight.  Layering in itself has nothing to do with being to hot during the summer, it’s all about how it fits,”conludes Leah.
It all depends on where you are at, not just physically but in life’s journey too.  Because we’re going places.
Are you?


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