Denim Your Way

Fads go out of style, but trends last longer and are embraced by all age groups.  One trend that has been universally embraced and has lasted since the 1930's is denim.  The evolution of the denim fabric to the everyday comfort we feel today has helped jeans have lasting power.  Though there have been different denim jean fads over the years, we don't see them fading out like legwarmers anytime soon. 
Nic+Zoe Timeless Knit Denim Bianca Melbourne Jean

Everyone has a favorite pair of denim jeans.  We asked our stylists about their favorite pair. 


Janice Futter Stylist  Three years ago I finally found the ideal pair of fitting jeans- a Gerry Weber dark denim straight leg with the perfect amount of stretch.  Prior to this fabulous find the past 20 years I rarely wore jeans because they did not feel good and I knew they just did not flatter me.   When I was in high school and college Levi jeans were the rage, your options were a bell bottom hip hugger or a  standard high waisted straight leg, and did I mention there was only one color available?  Today the denim options are never-ending in the many styles, fabrics, colors and cuts offered.  From high rise to low rise, skinny to boot cut, ankle length, rolled up bottom, soft, stretchy, light weight, dark, faded, ripped etc. There is definitely a denim jean for everyone, I enjoy wearing them and am grateful for all the options available. 

- Janice


Easy!!! My one and only pair of jeans. I was 15, maybe 16(going on 21)and 5’10 ¾ in a decade when being tall wasn’t exactly in style. To find any pant long enough, much less a jean, was impossible. I know, I tried any and every pair I could get my hands on. Miracle of miracles, L S Ayes had a new brand in their Junior Dept. that came in leg lengths! Button fly, front hip patch pocket, and, wait for it, HIP-HUGGER BELLBOTTOMS!

To groove them up a bit, I etched the pockets in a red cross-stitch ala a pair I spied in Seventeen Magazine and added a red braided, made it myself, belt. Oh yeah, myself!

My validation of “cool factor” was my older sister, who, in her first year of college at the time , was borrowing them every chance she got!

Nancy Stuck Stylist & Vice President of Sales and Merchandising
  - Nancy


360 Cashmere Eileen Fisher Denim



I had a pair of Gap bootcut, dark-wash jeans that I wore from high school through college.  I used to get so many compliments on their fit and I could not figure out why.  In my mind, they were just a pair of jeans, I used to think “what is with these jeans?  Don’t all jeans just fit like jeans?”

The poor pant legs got so ripped up because what high schooler goes to the get their jeans hemmed.  And when I was in high school, not that the 00s were too long ago, it was cool to keep your pant legs long to drag on the ground.

I think they were one of the first articles of clothing that helped me learn the difference between something that fits and a fit that flatters your figure.  I can’t emphasize the difference enough.

The closest I’ve come to finding a replacement for that pant style now would be the Bianca Denver, it’s the length in the rise and the placement of the pockets which is what makes it most flattering.

Leah Strauss Grant Stylist

- Leah


Julie Eckert Clancy President

The first pair of jeans I can really remember being excited about was my first pair of Calvin Klein jeans.  Yes, I had the illusion that I looked like Brooke Shields.  At the time I was a freshman at Ball State and everyone was wearing them.  What I most remember is having to lay down on the bed to zip them up and that I paid for them myself, because my mom said they were to expensive for a pair of jeans.  Buying those jeans for myself probably started me on my desire for quality clothing.  However, I can’t even tell you when I stopped wearing them or what ever happened to them.

Although I have never been a big jean wearer in the past few years I have started to wear them more often and probably because I love my Eileen fisher boyfriend jeans.  They are so comfortable and I can do so many things with them.  In addition there are just a few things in my closet that I only like with denim.  I think this speaks to my ever unfolding personal fashion story.

- Julie