Fashion is playing an homage to nature this spring and summer, with the use of vivid florals, botanical prints, a little red ladybug and the buzz of a bee.  It is the bringing of nature inside with design elements onto our clothing.   Greenery was the color of the season and how appropriate with this trend in the forefront.  We are seeing the shades of blue, lavender, sage, olive and straw complimenting the collections and used in the prints on one end and then the bright reds, corals, and pinks on the other end.  A landscape of the glorious colors nature provides.
Why embrace this lovely trend?  Don’t we always see florals for spring?  Haven’t we done the leaf prints before?  Well yes we have, but there is always a new twist.  This season our shirting and tunics are covered in flora and fauna, capturing the modern bohemian vibe in cool fabrics and easy comfort.  We also see it in our jeans and ankle pants, from very subtle watered prints to bold floral designs.  But some of my favorite ways this trend is used is in the very subtle playfulness of an insect placed in just the right place at the bottom of a pant, on one shoulder or a butterfly on a shoe.  And don’t forget our accessories.  These colors and elements are used perfectly in the combinations of stones and metal, in print scarves and laser cut flowers on a bag.