It's A Charmed Life

It's a refreshing season for jewelry!  No longer just a single, classic strand of pearls or the 60s statement piece, the now look is timeless in its fusion of all different jewelry styles.  

The sautoir is all in for the long haul.  
Sautoir Cheryl Dufault Jophiel
Wood Angle Pendant Cheryl Dufault Jophiel
 Sautoir, a long necklace, isn't just a statement piece in its sheer length but can be double the fun with pendants and there are so many fun ways to personalize it with your favorites.
Don't get choked up on the new definition of a leather thong, with precious and semi-precious stones, it's a new elevated look.  And like always, we saw it coming.  You can tell everyone you saw it here first.
Leather Thong Cheryl Dufault Jophiel
Choker Pendant Cheryl Dufault Jophiel
 The current trending term leather thong isn't about shoes at all, but that delicate strip of fabric laced around your neck.  Wear it by itself or create twice the drama with the layered look.
The raw edge gets glitzy in jewelry.  Rough cut precious diamonds and mineral slices are all the rage.
Mineral Slice Cheryl Dufault Jophiel
 It's a mix of earthly beauty and tough girl grit.  The raw cut diamonds and beautiful natural graduation of the stone create all the impact you need.
More delicate in nature?  Make a unique look with little pieces.  Layering complimentary textures, colors and materials is a soft way of staying with the look.
Freida Rothman Layered Jophiel
Tassle Cheryl Dufault Jophiel
 Stunning can come in pure simplicity.  A blending of metals and feel build up the single-strand layered looks.
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