KASH Cashmere

For more than 50 years, KASH products have been created in Italy, in order to preserve the “Made in Italy” quality standard and the unmistakable value of craftsmanship, which has made Italy a landmark in the world of fashion. KASH was born in the sixties, in Perugia, in a family-run knitwear factory. Each stage of the production process is completed by hand, by KASH's experienced workers, thus ensuring an excellent quality of product. The KASH style combines the elegance of the precious knitwear with the quality of the raw material, cashmere. To wear KASH means to wrap oneself with a noble fiber, characterized by timeless elegance.The magic of cashmere lies in its ability to make a garment warm, soft and refined. To learn more about this designer, check out our Designer Grade series here.