Put On A Fresh Shirt

We have for years been wearing silk tunic shirts, but under jackets more, or alone.  It’s not that shirting ever went away or was out of style, it just became a less dominant trend.  So when we see a look come back in for a season, we love it because we are now seeing it styled a new and fresh way.  And collar shirts are no exception, this spring we are loving them under sweaters.
Bianca Doena Collar Shirt Jophiel Eileen Fisher White Collar Shirt Jophiel
Shirting got a bad rap from a professional attire because of the gaping at the bust.  It became more comfortable to choose a knit shell, turtleneck, or tunic.  Simply because you did not have to worry about the pulling.
But designers are mixing things up. The main way that the classic white button down is being designed differently is probably with less shaping and longer in length so that the shirt tail hangs below your sweater or can be worn alone as a tunic or a jacket, which we showed with Marc Cain here.
Nic+Zoe Denim Tunic Jophiel Splendid Ikat Print Shirt Jophiel
The fresh shirting calls to us as fashionistas because of the patterns the designers use and the use of tencel and silk to create a more draped look to the shirt.  It keeps with the fashion trends of fluid looks.  So preppy before would have been button down collar, now modern preppy is a softer fabric, not as stiff.  You even see the denim shirting which, like the classic white shirt, always stays around.  But now, it is in a softer fabric with a more distressed or faded look. 
All these add a current look to our outfits, different from the way it was before. It’s modern.
 Bianca Dian Collar Shirt Jophiel
 Stylist and Jophiel owner Julie loves that she gets to be around pretty clothing and work with beautiful people each day at the store!  She can't help but fall in love with a new LBD each season, "You can never have to many of them," she says.  You can read more from Julie here and follow her blog Fashion Today With Julie.

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