Clients often come in requesting lighter fabrics for both a relaxed lifestyle and for the warmer months.  One thing that is often perceived as a draw back from these light weight fabrics and blends is that they often don’t provide the structured silhouette that, especially as we age, we feel more comfortable wearing.  

Nancy explains, “There are not a lot of options if you want both a fitted silhouette and to stay cool, anything snug to the body is going to create warmth.  To many women, including myself, it is about adding the right kind of base layer, made of the right breathable fabric, in order to still be cool and comfortable while wearing those certain silhouettes.  Consider dressing from closest to your skin out.

“When it comes to wearing less, wear less where you are the most confident at showing a bit more skin.  This is when the help of a stylist can be the most useful; to know that a woman has great arms and is confident showing them, as a stylist I would shop to accentuate that asset while covering what she’s less confident revealing,” Leah explains.

Cropped pants, ankle pants, pedal pushers and capris have all become popular because very few women really look good and are confident in shorts after a certain age. These different styles often provide a better look than shorts do,” Julie expressed, referring to her own style, “on my days off and away from the store I can be seen in linen pants because they are lightweight and offer me more comfort in the heat without wearing shorts.

If we all get to have a summer, why not beat the heat and feel fabulous enjoying it without sacrificing style.

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