What's in a frock?

I love to use the old-fashioned term “frock” when talking about a special dress for an event or when thinking about the upcoming Easter holiday.  Somehow a frock just seems to denote a pretty dress to me.  I don’t know about you, but I remember always having a new Easter dress every year.  When I was really young, my Grandmother would often make my new dress and it was so special with our white socks and patent leather shoes, a little spring coat and hat for Easter Sunday.
Did you know that from the 16th century to the early 20th century a frock was known as a woman’s or girl’s dress in the fashion of the day?  Whatever happened to wearing a colorful frock with all the trimmings to be debuted on Easter Sunday?  I am sure I know the answer, everything is just more casual.  But a frock is so refreshing.  It is feminine, colorful, playful…retro chic in a way that is so current.  In Australia when you wear a formal dress or gown for a special occasion they say “to frock up”.  How fun!   Just like fashion and style is fun!  The styles in frocks are full skirted, a-line, sculpted, scalloped and flirty.  There are sleeveless options and yes sleeves too.  You can have them hemmed above the knee, below the knee or mid-calf and to the ankle in flowing chiffons. 
How about shoes with these frocks, I personally love the new block heels or flats with my frocks.   There is such diversity to be expressed by how you style it.  I talked about how I think of a frock as a pretty dress, but it can also mean a casual one expressed in the perfect shift or shirtwaist dress.   For the more casual frock you are seeing the sport shoe or flatform and these choices keep us looking up to date.  The point is that it is a dress perfectly styled, chic and effortless.  Do you have your new frock?