Who's Commandments?

 Tom Ford recently contributed his top style advice in The Tom Commandments for net-a-porter magazine.  The designer Tom Ford is no stranger to women’s fashion and has been immensely successful in his role as creative director at both Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent before launching his namesake line in 2004. 
Number 1 on his list: Don’t Let Fashion Dictate You!  He goes on to share additional inspiration about always keeping a little bit of mystery, finding and repeating the styles and looks that work best for your figure.  He emphasizes how women need to find pieces that work for each individuals figure but also reminds us to reassess regularly because, let’s face it, pounds fluctuate.
I loved the article. I have nothing against it!  I would just like to note, that we at Jophiel have been advocating the same since we opened our doors in 1994.  When I read the article, I was like “Pcha!  I do this every day!”
The most exciting, and equally frustrating part, is the intrinsic variations in fit that is the fashion world today.  Every designer has a different fit model and because of that I swear nothing fits the same!   What’s that you say, “Wow, even as stylists you have that problem!”  But that’s just what fabulous style is: it is discovering the unique, inherently capricious aspects of different fashion pieces, possibly from different fashion lines, and bringing it all together to work for you!

Maxi Dress + Travel Wrap Jophiel EssentialsPencil Pant + Perfect Fitting Blouse Jophiel EssentialsIllustrations by Katie Eash
If all that sounds overwhelming, lucky for you it’s actually my favorite part.  We think there are classics unique to every woman’s wardrobe that play a key role in making the season to season fashion fit her lifestyle, be it an amazing blazer, the perfect silk layering tank, a classic trouser pant or fit-n-flare dress. 
It’s always been about the customer at Jophiel and working to understand an individual’s fit, style and personality.  Sometimes the look someone aspires for in fashion isn’t always in line with how they wear clothing let alone what looks good with their figure.  It’s as Mr. Ford said, “I think it’s very important for everyone to figure out what their look is.”  Likewise at Jophiel we focus on how a customer will really live, work and play in the pieces they wear and don’t jump on trends, make impulse buys or encourage one-time-wear pieces.  We like to build a wardrobe, carrying pieces season to season. 
Maxi Cardigan + Layering Tunic Jophiel EssentialsIllustrations by Katie Eash
Through life we aren’t one person in the spring and a completely different person in fall, each experience, moment of joy, challenge we face or sweet success carries over to influence our fabulously unique personalities.  And each season’s hottest trend isn’t our defining look but an opportunity for us to figure out how our style lives and breathes season to season.
  A lifelong student, Leah loves trying new things in order to connect people, places and events, bringing all of it together. As a stylist and active member of her community, Leah is guided by her intuition and excitement to always grow. You can read more from Leah here and here.

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