Kate Dickinson; Administrative and Operations Assistant

Focused on the positive elements of life and striving to be better each day, Kate is a passionate artist.  She works to creatively represent the unique Jophiel experience by learning all the ins and outs of personal styling. Working every day to see a fresh and new angle, captured with the generousness, warmth, thoughtfulness and determination that she leads her life.

What in life inspires you?

My son Bennett.  I love to see things through his eyes.  As a four year old, his perspective on the world is very unique and special.  He inspires me to always be better.

What about fashion inspires you?

Fashion is like any other art, it's a creative process.  Our culture values the art process and I have a respect for that.  I like seeing other's observations and how that can inspire my own.

Who or what is your style inspiration?

Growing up, I loved history and learned and studied Jackie Kennedy Onassis.  Her style was so relevant to her time.

What is one daily ritual that always makes your day?

In the evenings, Bennet and I play a game of what happened to us today.  It is sometimes funny and sometimes sad, but just a great way to decompress after the day.  I love listening to his stories.  Growing up, my parents were big on sitting down for dinner altogether.  My dad would always ask, "What is your take away from the day?"  and "Where are you going with it?"  It instilled in me the love of personal growth.  Just so, everyday Bennett and I will ask each other, "Are you gonna have a good day today?"  The answer is always, "No.  I'm gonna have a great day!"

What is something you love to do in Fort Wayne?

We have a season pass to the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo and we love to visit the Old Fort.  For a 4 year old boy, it's just the coolest place.  When my family gets together, because we're so big, it's a ritual to order Jet's Pizza.

With my parents, brother, sister and brother in-law plus 4 kids all under 5, it's easier than cooking and not as crazy as trying to eat out.