Maddie Aschliman; Stylist & Visual Coordinator

Maddie seeks to live a grateful life filled with family, friends, and fashion. Her passion for fashion led her to Indiana Tech, where she recently graduated with honors and a degree in Fashion Marketing and Management. Maddie's Hoosier heart has provided her is filled with a sense of compassion and a desire to give back to the Fort Wayne Community. Maddie is thrilled with the opportunity to begin her career in a locally owned store, where she hopes to learn the ins and outs of the fashion business. She also believes this opportunity will help and contribute to the growth of Fort Wayne, as well as and grow her own skillset as a stylist. 

What inspired you to study fashion? 

I have always had a love for clothes and putting outfits together. As a child, I would put together one-women fashion shows in my parents living room. As I grew up, I was a quiet girl and fashion allowed me to express myself through my clothes. I liked helping my friends pick out outfits and seeing how a simple outfit could make them feel more comfortable in their skin. When it came time to pick what I wanted to study in college, I wanted to pursue something I was passionate about.  Fashion is so much more than just fabric sewn together, it’s an art form, a confidence booster, and a way of expressing yourself.   

What is one of your favorite Fort Wayne sports?

I can’t just choose one! If I had to plan a fun evening in Fort Wayne, I would start by going to Sweet Lou’s Pizza to get Chicago deep-dish pizza. Then going to either The Civic or The Embassy to watch a musical. Followed by a trip to Yummi Bunni to send me into sugar overdose from ice cream and donuts! 

Do you have a favorite destination?

Any place with palm trees and warm weather! I love traveling to beaches and playing in the ocean. Disney World holds a special place in my heart as well; it is a place I went with my family growing up. I was fortunate to create another special memory at Disney recently, as my boyfriend of five years proposed to me in front of the castle… I said yes of course!

What is one daily ritual that always makes your day? 

I write in my gratitude journal every night before I go to bed. I write down three things that I was grateful for and it helps me reflect on all the positives things throughout my day. Doing it before bed helps me take a step back and realize all the great things that happen, which that can sometimes be drowned out by negativity. It can be something as small as someone holding the door open for me or a sunny day after a rainy week! Anything that makes me smile and feels warm and fuzzy! It takes 5 minutes and it's a journal filled will all the things that make me happy!