Leah Strauss Grant; Stylist & Associate Director For Digital Media and Marketing

As the Associate Director for Digital Media and Marketing, Leah navigates the physical to digital frontier.  She leverages technology to share the unique concept of Jophiel across multiple channels.  Inspired by people who use the fun of fashion to experience life, Leah styles with a smart, sophisticated eye. As a lifelong student, she is always excited to try new things in order to connect people, places and events, all in service of her community.  

What’s one daily ritual that always makes your day?

Waking up with the sun. I feel like I’m accepting the challenge of a new day and its opportunities at the same time the sun is rising to meet its challenge to shine.

Who or what is your style inspiration?

I am inspired by people who use the fun of fashion to experience life all the while recognizing and honoring the that deeper things in life sustain us. I think Sofia Coppola and Garance Dore are two inspiring women who love and explore fashion while living life.

What is your favorite dish to make?

I love, love, love cooking and eating roasted vegetables. Be they root vegetables, tomatoes, baby peppers or brussel sprouts! Mixing them in a light seasoning and slow roasting them just brings out all their magnificent flavors.

What convinced you to make the move from the Big Apple to Fort Wayne?

I was really struggling to find my tribe and feel connected while in New York. It is so big. I wanted to help build and grow the strength of a community and aspired to be needed by and relevant to its members. When Julie called me with an offer, returning home wasn’t something I had even considered yet. It was like she was reaching out to me because somehow she knew I was looking for more and she knew Jophiel could be the place to offer it!

What is your favorite destination?

The first place that pops into my mind is Northern Michigan, specifically the Traverse City area. It may go back to that community feeling, but growing up I spent countless summers there and really felt a part of it.
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