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Designer Grade Luisa Cerano

Jophiel’s Designer Grade series is thrilled to tell you about Luisa Cerano. Luisa Cerano captivates millions of women all over the world! Luisa Cerano is known to excite confidence within women that strive to have individual style. Luisa Cerano's trademark is its unmistakable feminine-casual silhouette, which is reinterpreted in an innovative and contemporary manner every season. Luisa Cerano is also distinguished by its reasonable prices, high design and quality standards, which give it a special position in the premium market segment. 

Luisa Cerano Collection at Jophiel

The uncompromising business practices are just one of the reasons that Jophiel is proud to offer Luisa Cerano in store! We love the collection’s feminine, casual silhouettes, with trend-led attention to detail. From flattering shapes to invigorating colors, Luisa Cerano delivers comfortable fashion season after season. "The unique colors allow us to create an eye-catching style for our clients." - Maddie Aschliman: Stylist & Visual Coordinator. Luisa Cerano designs today what is in demand tomorrow, which allows our client to be fashion forward in all aspects of her life. We love that the Luisa Cerano collection can be worn every day, as well as modern work wear in her career. 

This well-made line caters to self-confident, fashionable, and independent women all over the world. Come in to discover the Luisa Cerano collection or shop the collection online here

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