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S-s-summertime, summertime sandals!

 Read more from Jophiel Stylist and  Assoc Dir - Digital Media and Marketing, Leah Strauss Grant. Every advent of summer I think of a news scandal from 2005 focused on a women’s collegiate sports team that met the then president George W Bush, wearing their summer finery, celebrating their national championship and there, photographed on their feet, were flip-flops.  The casual, slip on shoe relegated to running the last-minute errand, covering your feet at the pool, slipping on when walking out the trash.  The question maybe isn’t when are flip-flops a fashion faux-pas, but when are they not! I got my first pair of flip-flops when I went to camp in the 4th grade.  They were purple, foam flip-flops from...

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What Is Business Casual?

Work environments are changing, so has our dress code.  But navigating the employee handbook terminology can sometimes be hard.  And then there's that awkwardness when you want to dress one way but feel it goes against the company vibe.  We've noticed the changes!  Our customers are asking for different work uniforms, they've come to us with the "deer caught in headlights" look when their company has gone to jeans optional and we know the importance of dressing for the career you want.  We've helped navigate countless women through career changes and fashion trends.  Just consider it part of our civic duty. Recently during a Jophiel table talk, we sought advice from the stylists about their approach to dressing for success in...

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1 Style 6 Different Ways.

Looking for the crisp and elegant new uniform? Running around in your yoga pants is so passé.  Let’s face it, if you don’t actually wear them to work out… should you be wearing them? For the next level of perfection, look no further than a polished shirtdress.  From a myriad of designers, the new shirtdress silhouette isn’t stiff and old, but actually a great number to throw over your leggings, a pair of pants or bare legs to show your tan.  It goes from the board room to the carpool line in either fluid silk and graphic prints to denim inspired or crash light for travel (yes wear a Peter O.Mahler crash light shirtdress for all season travel).  This elegant...

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