Why Use a Stylist

Are stylists just for special occasions?
That is one aspect of being a stylist. They can help you know the appropriate attire for different events — weddings, graduations, luncheons, galas, and so on. A stylist should understand how a garment fits and how to fit it on you to enhance YOU. They should keep in mind your fashion personality and provide advice on items that reflect your classic, romantic, edgy or whimsical side. You may want to embrace any or all of those fashion personas.
But why not feel fabulous and confident everyday with the help of a stylist!  What can and should a stylist do for you?
As a stylist, they should first and foremost understand your fashion likes, wants, and needs. Next, they should be able to take current trends and find ways to style them for you in a way that YOU want to wear them. This includes clothing, shoes, jewelry, hosiery, handbags, and if asked, make-up, and hair. A stylist should also be able to understand what colors and neutrals are the most becoming to you, and find those shades or slight variations of the color to incorporate into your wardrobe. 

Meet the Stylists

Julie Eckert Clancy; President

 Julie Eckert Clancy; President

Janice Futter Jophiel Stylist

 Janice Futter; Stylist & Training Specialist

Nancy Stuck Stylist and VP Merchandising

 Nancy Stuck; Stylist & Vice President Of Sales And Merchandising

Leah Strauss Grant Associate Director for Digital Media and Marketing

Leah Strauss Grant; Stylist & Associate Director For Digital Media And Marketing

Cassie Teagno Stylist And Visual Coordinator
 Cassie Teagno: Stylist & Visual Coordinator