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Designer Grade With Majestic Filatures

Jophiel’s Designer Grade series is delighted to introduce you to Majestic Filatures. Majestic Filatures offers essential wardrobe pieces that meet the standards of excellence that you expect.

Establishing itself among the leaders, French line Majestic Filatures has grown from its small atelier in Paris to produce fabrics for 170 of the world’s leading brands.  You could be wearing some of its fabric and never know the line exists.  That’s because since 1989 the French fabric mill has been experimenting with fibers and pattern making to create upscale, high-quality essentials every designer wants.

Jophiel Designer Grade with Majestic Filatures Photo by Sebastion Rando

Learn the terminology- Majestic Filatures lays out the details for us to be educated shoppers!

‘Soft Touch’
Fibers specifically woven and washed to feel like a second skin, this collection is the shining star of Majestic Filatures.  The pre-washing technique helps to avoid any pilling and the fabric receives an anti-microbial treatment to keep you cool and clean without affecting the pigment of the fabric or leading to any dye transfer.

Discover the essential points that make this an essential piece to any wardrobe.

  • ‘Extrafine’
  • ‘Superwashed’ means yarns are pre-washed to avoid pilling
  • Ultra-durable so the fabric will not lose shape
  • Machine washable
  • Cool, smooth hand
  • Colorfast
  • Anti-microbial allows you to work out in your garment and avoid any odor from perspiration

From their looped ‘Terry’ cotton, with its smooth exterior finish, and their ‘French Linen’ made with high quality long stem linen, “Linen Stretch” w 6% elastane for added comfort, to their luxurious, light-weight and soft silk, which is both breathable and washable, Majestic Filatures has a natural eye for deriving from natural proteins and plant fibers, inherently strong, soft and covetable modern fabrics.

Majestic Filature fabrics are extremely soft and luxurious that are at once both versatile & durable.

Come in to discover the collection or shop the collection online here.

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