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Designer Grade Thierry Rabotin

Jophiel’s Designer Grade series is thrilled to tell you about Thierry Rabotin. Thierry Rabotin's shoe line has been built on the foundation of producing shoes of the highest quality that are comfortable and destined to last! Thierry Rabotin shoes are made to mold to the contours of your feet- giving the pleasant sensation of walking barefoot. To learn more about this amazing Designer and new collection, read on below!

The Brand:

You will come to find when you experience Thierry Rabotin's product that they are in a class of their own. This company make shoes that no other company can make. They do things that no other company could ever do. In fact, they are the only brand in the world that literally makes its own shoes in its own factory exclusively. The name Thierry Rabotin signifies a distinguished Italian brand of comfortable fashion-forward women’s footwear. The unique style, the high quality of the materials used and the attention given to EVERY detail of each pair of Thierry Rabotin shoes have brought worldwide recognition to this brand.

The Designer:

Thierry Rabotin expressed his design philosophy in one simple phrase:

I like to design shoes that wrap around the feet giving the pleasant sensation of walking barefoot“.

That continues to be the mission of the company that bears his name.

The legendary designer considered style and the details that contribute to a perfect fit to be equally essential elements of design. Over the last four decades, Thierry Rabotin has worked to find balance between form and function, creating elegant collections that mix style with both state of the art workmanship and artisan mastery.

The Company:

Thierry Rabotin was created with the dedication that producing exclusively comfortable stylish high quality shoes is a responsible way to respect the consumer’s concern of perfect fit. All the shoes, made using only hand selected premium quality leathers and fabrics, are produced under the direction of Thierry Rabotin in its own factory.

The Factory:

Thierry Rabotin stands proud among the few remaining Italian shoe companies that still produce exclusively in Italy and source all components from Italian supplying manufacturers. See sketch of their factory below:


We love the Thierry Rabotin collection because it's the perfect combination of comfort meets style. You won't believe how comfortable these shoes are until you come in and try them on. Come in to discover the Thierry Rabotin collection or shop the collection online here

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