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So What Exactly is Merino?

Customers will often resist trying on a merino wool sweater because they assume it will be itchy and make them to hot.   But we're here to inform you that merino wool is one of the softest most luxurious choices of knit. It's not just any one of Little Bo Peep's sheep but comes from the finest grades of wool from the Merino sheep.  And  will certainly keep you warm this winter season, but also cool in the summer, which makes it a great all year round gift!
For people who have sensitive skin, Merino wool is the softest of all wools and is hypoallergenic.  The fine and superfine grades of wool are much finer and superior than traditional wool, making it smooth against the skin and more comfortable to wear.  Merino wool is highly breathable so the wearer stays dry and comfortable regardless of the temperature.  
It's finely woven fibers make this beautiful Eileen Fisher tunic sweater a great piece to elevate your everyday style.
Eileen Fisher Merino Wool Tunic Jophiel
The natural anti-microbial properties of Merino wool make it odor-resistant, which allows you to wear your garment more than once before cleaning it.  Merino is extremely durable, anti-static and fire resistant (whoa! fire resistant!) which makes the fibers ideal for being used in a range of products from active wear to fine wool suiting.  Fine Merino wool strands can be blended with other fibers to make for exciting knit styles.  
Check out our Eileen Fisher Yak and Merino blend.
Eileen Fisher Yak Merino Jophiel
To care for and help maintain your wool, always read the garment label but we recommend hand wash it using warm water with a gentle or special wool detergent, such as Woolite.  But using the gentle cycle on your machine washer, or even better if you have a cycle noted suitable for knits.  Be sure you do not aggressively agitate the garment, whether by hand or in a machine, because it causes the knit to unravel.  Dry your sweater by gently rolling it in a towel, press out the excess water, and then lay flat.   
This winter you can stay warm outside and cool by the fire dressed head-to-toe in Merino wool.  Our Annette Görtz Kup dress is Merino wool with leather and we layered a Merino pullover sweater for added style and warmth.  Also, check out our Wolford Merino wool tights, great for the winter season with any outfit!
Annette Görtz Wolford Merino Jophiel

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