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Can Bright Colors Change Your Mood?

The Jophiel staff’s answer is a resounding ‘YES!” Color makes us feel better and a favorite hue or color we haven’t worn for a while can be an instant pick-me-up. And the use of color in our day-to-day fashions is true now more than ever.

 Maria Ward, editorial manager of White + Warren (one of Jophiel’s favorite knit designers) explored just that while under stay/work-at-home orders at her family’s North Carolina coastal home. Read her entire blog here.

We at Jophiel love White + Warren — for its stylish, high-quality, and oh-so-comfy knits in cashmere, cotton, linen, and merino wool, but also for its wide array of color choices. These everyday essentials are designed to be worn season after season and always in the most feel-good shades of the season.

As Maria’s color expert states: color can be a gateway to becoming the best version of ourselves. It can lift our mood, increase our energy, and connect us instantly with others. 

Like the Neon Magenta of this WHITE + WARREN - ESSENTIAL CASHMERE SWEATSHIRT This bright berry color is immediate energy and emotion — and an instant color high. Looking for something more calming and peaceful? The same beautifully designed sweatshirt in Olive instantly refreshes and calms us with its hue of forest and nature.

Thinking clear skies, calm waters, leisurely vacations? This  WHITE + WARREN -JADE BLEND CINCH WAIST CREWNECK   says all that and more in its soothing, dewy color. 

Ready to shift your entire mindset? Slip on the WHITE + WARREN - CASHMERE RIBBED CARDI-TOP by White + Warren in neon daffodil and stimulate your mind and provide a sense of clarity.  And we’re all about two-for-one styling — wear as a great cardigan or buttoned up as a top!

Remember when getting up each morning and deciding what to wear brought you joy? Fashion has always been a form of extreme escapism, so give in to your love and sense of color and fashion — we can’t be stressed in a swirl of feel-good hues!

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