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Closet Chitter Chatter: Fall 2019 Print Trends

The Fall 2019 print trends include florals, butterflies, and tie-dye. In classic Fall-like fashion, we're also seeing argyle, plaid, paisley, brocade, and checkered patterns. On the more avant-garde side of fashion, patchwork and watercolor patterns are some up and coming prints. A few stand-out Fall 2019 pattern trends are camouflage print and the romantic heart prints. Oh, and did we mention that animal prints are back with a vengeance? Animal print continues to dominate the runways, and from the looks of it, this print isn't going away anytime soon! 

We've rounded up our favorite print trends spotted on the runways in New York, Milan, London, and Paris. The runways had a something in store for every style this season: the sophisticated working woman, the bold risk-taker, and those who'd prefer to stick to the classics. Consider the below your print guide to the new season.

Animal Prints for Fall 2019

As mentioned above, animal print continues its reign in fashion this Fall. This nature-inspired print made its way into fashion as far back as the 18th century. Animal print saw a rise in popularity in the United States during the 1960's and gained wider acceptance in the '70s and '80s, as this bolder style of fashion began to grow in preference.

Animal prints have been on trend for quite a while now, and after reviewing the runways of many famous Designers, it's clear that the most popular animal prints for Fall are snakeskin, leopard spots, tiger stripes, and zebra stripes.

From boots to statement outerwear and printed pants, it seems like there is animal print everywhere this season! Historically, leopard prints have reigned supreme, but snakeskin has officially "slithered" onto the fashion scene!

We’re certainly not to trying to downplay the importance of the classic leopard fashion trend, but if you’ve grown bored with the prints that are always avaialble, you might be ready to try this edgy and sleek new print!

The best part about this print is often, it comes in a more classic palette, making it a near-neutral. In other words, this print is more versatile in your wardrobe!

Trends come and go, but there are some things that never go out of style. Leopard print may be more popular one season than another but, as a whole, this print helps form the cornerstones of our wardrobe.

Leopard print is "the print" for the Fall and Winter seasons. It's safe to say that this print won't be leaving your closet any time soon. The good news is... leopard print is the most classic of the animal prints. There's just something so chic and sophisticated about this ultra-luxe print.

While we saw leopard print on the runway last season, this Fall, leopard print was much more prominent, especially when it comes to outerwear and dresses. We definitely recommend investing in leopard print, as you'll collect a handful of timeless pieces that any fashion women's wardrobe needs! 

Retire your yellow daisy printed tops in favor of darker, moodier florals for Fall and Winter. In past seasons, the presence of flowers has been associated with joy and brightness, this season, moody floral is all about big and lush flowers in melancholic tones.

That’s not to say that this print trend is boring or unattractive, far from it, actually. This trend is certainly more somber in cool shades of blue, deep red, berry and even black, but it's stylish and captivating in its own moody way. We love that this trend draws on the age-old floral themes, which has created something truly unforgettable this season!


If you keep an eye on fashion trends, you've probably noticed a surge of chain print trickling into the store. The chain print trend started back in the 90s and almost 20-years later, this print is being revived in new silhouettes and styles. We are thrilled to see the reemergence this season in so many fresh interpretations. 

While this bold, attention grabbing pattern definitely makes a statement, chain print garments and accessories are popping up in every color and fabric imaginable — there’s truly something for everyone. We believe that this print  works year-round, so if you’re intrigued by the chain print, there’s a way to make it work for you — let us help you! 

Plaid print originates back to the 14th century with Scottish heritage, where wool weavers would create unique linear patterns to distinguish one Scottish region from another (tartan). The plaid movement gained popularity in the '70s with the punk rock movement and furthered its popularity in ‘90s with flannels.  

Today, the plaid trend is everywhere! This trend gives you ample choice of colors, patterns, fabrics and styles — so there's something for everyone! Plaid is perhaps one of the most versatile patterns. This season, plaid options are absurdly good, so if you need a new pair of plaid pants, a plaid blazer or a plaid scarf, we recommend that you shop and invest this season! 

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