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Closet Chitter Chatter: Suiting

Over the last fifty years, the suit has gone through so many different iterations. Historically, women’s suits were known for representing power. Suits were a fashion statement as early back as the 1930s and 40s, when they consisted of a matching skirt and jacket with a blouse. Women were expected to wear suits, skirts, or dresses to business, school, or social events.
In the 1960s, skirts and dresses were seen as impractical and in came the trend of wearing pantsuits. Pantsuits were not immediately accepted as proper attire for any occasion, but eventually, the pantsuit became more of an accepted fashion trend.
In the 1980s, the power suit became popular among women working in a corporate environment. The power suit had shoulder pads, decorative buttons, and was designed in bright feminine colors. You'll see that this trend has spread beyond just the office setting today!
Just for fun, let's take a look at the past...


As mentioned above, the power suit saw its peak in the '80s and we have good news, it's not going anywhere! Although today's work environments have a more relaxed dress code, the suit has evolved to fit these new norms.
If you're going to commit to one new look this season, make it suiting! We love that the power suit is back and in full force for Fall. Whether you want to try the '80s-inspired check blazer, an ultra-feminine skirt suit, there's a take on the look for everyone to try! Get inspired with these fresh ways to style the suit this season.

Luisa Cerano Suiting

Luisa Cerano- New Arrival!
 Luisa Cerano- New Arrival!



Lafayette 148 New York Heather Jacket 
 Annette Gortz Cors Shirt 

Lafayette 148 New York Beau Blazer
 Cambio Ros Print Pant 

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