Designer Grade With Bianca

The Jophiel Way represents a grade of designers, each designer uplifting the standard of excellence every Jophiel customer has come to expect from the fashions we offer.  We connect with these lines, their look and their m'o, we look up to them!  It is as fashion should be.  Have you ever looked at beauty before you and wanted to know more?
We're introducing each of our Jophiel Way designers, the amazing founders who are leaving their mark on women's fashion.  Focused on the importance of ensuring every woman feels fashion is made for her.  Each line connects with different shoppers and delivers their own standard of excellence which its loyal wearers have come to appreciate.

Meet our designer Bianca, a German line we've carried for 15 years.

Bianca delivers amazing fashions twice a year, Spring and Fall with 12 collection themes each year! 
Following their customer's lead, Bianca designs a "relaxed collection for the adult woman".  From classic to feminine and casual, the cornerstone of their success is by delivering the perfect fit all while meeting their high quality standards. 

Jophiel Designer Class Bianca Style News

Established in 1973, the line's comfortable and contemporary fashions are upholding their own mission, offering more than "just another lifestyle fashion line".



Jophiel Designer Class Bianca Style News

They regularly work to establish long-term partnerships, both with suppliers, regional companies and the local university, promoting innovation and project development.
They are committed to inspecting every new product, maintaining German standards of excellence, and promoting in-house training and fashion coaching.

Jophiel Designer Class Bianca Style News

We are excited to carry Bianca and proud to have carried the line for so long.  They have left their designer mark on Fort Wayne.  They are part of how we style The Jophiel Way, mixing and matching the quality grade of designers all we have come to love.


Discover The Designer Grade That Is

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