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Face Masks — The New Accessory

As many of you may know, on March 25th, Jophiel started making face masks to send to Community East Hospital in Indianapolis, when Jan’s daughter reached out about not having a mask to wear in the COVID-19 testing area.

Because of the face mask project, we are considered an essential business. As of May 1, we have delivered over 2,000 face masks to The Community Health Network and Eskenazi Health in Indianapolis, Parkview Health in Fort Wayne, numerous charitable organizations, local businesses, small groups of friends and families and countless individuals.  Greater Fort Wayne recently did an investor spotlight on us in an article and because face masks are considered key tools for a healthy reopening, we are included in the Local Allen County PPE Provider list on the Greater Fort Wayne website HERE.

 We’re currently working on designs and patterns to help our beloved Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo re-open safely and successfully. Through these unexpected projects, we continue to see so much good amidst so much uncertainty as together we #HelpSomebody.  All masks continue to be provided to medical personnel and patients at hospitals for free!

By pivoting and being able to be responsive to an immediate need, we’ve created a secondary “cottage industry” product with our custom designed face masks. But we have not done this endeavor by ourselves.  Countless “angels” have helped by prepping, cutting fabric, sewing, ironing, loaning us elastic, underwriting the cost of masks for groups, and purchasing masks for friends and loved ones.

The masks we design and create are 100% cotton, use elastic for a nice quality fit, and are available in three sizes - men’s, women’s, and children’s. They are 3-ply, not single-ply, which means three layers of protection. And they ARE fashionable!

We are still SEWING and will continue to do so until there is no longer a need.  Each week we’ll be introducing new colors and patterns, which truly does make it a fashion accessory.  The colorfulness brings a smile to those we social distance and interact with, and that, in turn, lifts up our spirits.  

We invite you to have fun with these new fashion statements. As we all phase back into a “new normal”, wearing masks and social distancing will still be important keys to keeping everyone safe and healthy.  Enjoying time with friends for Cinco De Mayo?  Our “Slice of Lime” says “Ole!”  Planning a small family “get-back” together for Mother’s Day?  Florals and fauna shout “Spring".  Shifting your online Zoom of eight into a mask-to-mask in-person meeting? A plaid or a paisley is perfect.  Whatever your occasion for venturing out, we have you fashionably COVERED!


When you purchase a mask for $8, you receive one and you cover the cost for us to make four more for a charitable organization or those on the front line.

Shop our complete mask collection HERE. 

If you are requesting a larger quantity of masks for an organization or a business, please email


Thank you for supporting our face mask project!


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